BSE Skills Ltd has been contracted to research and develop a suite of technical National Occupational Standards (NOS) for those whose role includes working on the installation and maintenance of solar PV (SPV) and electrical energy storage systems (EESS) across the UK.

The following draft NOS have been developed by a team of UK industry experts, including employers, trade associations, the union and other key UK stakeholders, to capture the relevant technical competences associated with the role:

SPV01Install assemblies and enclosures for SPV and EESS systems
SPV02Install and connect SPV and EESS systems
SPV03Inspect and test SPV and EESS systems
SPV04Commission SPV and EESS systems
SPV05Identify and rectify faults in SPV and EESS systems
SPV06Maintain SPV and EESS systems
SPV07Develop, test and agree project designs for SPV systems
SPV08Develop, test and agree project designs for EESS

As part of the development work, BSE Skills Ltd must consult widely with employers, training providers and other key stakeholders to ensure the new NOS meets the needs of the sector across the UK. We’re therefore asking for your input.

How you can help

Taking part in this important consultation is quick and easy – just follow these three simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Download and read the document which contains the NOS specifications HERE
  • STEP 2: Complete the feedback on page 2 by telling us:
    • Section 1: some basic information about yourself and your organisation
    • Section 2: whether the NOS are fit for purpose (FFP) or could be improved (CBI) and what that improvement should be
    • Section 3: anything further which is not accommodated elsewhere.
  • STEP 3: Return the completed Consultation Framework in Microsoft Word to [email protected] by noon on Friday 16 February.

Thank you in advance for taking part – your time and expertise is very much appreciated.